Election 24: Local Results & Analysis

For results of the Ealing borough’s votes in the UK election 2024 click here

News Analysis

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The UK General election takes place on Thursday July 4 2024, we would like to emphasise the importance of civic engagement and democratic participation.

We have worked with civil society, as well as leading community voices to encourage greater participation of Muslim communities in the electoral process. We have seen just how much that matters today, with the dire situation ongoing in Gaza, Palestine, heightened Islamophobia and pressures from the cost of living crisis.

We strongly believe that every eligible member of our congregation should exercise their right to vote, as it is a crucial means of making our collective voice heard and shaping the future of our community and the nation. WLIC stradles three important constituencies, Ealing Southall, Ealing North and Ealing Central & Acton, with a combined electorate of some 225,000 people, of which Muslims constitute approximately 40,000 voters. See below for a list of local husting events taking place in the coming weeks, please consider attending these to meet and question the candidates for yourselves.

There is no room for apathy, make informed decisions and ensure your voice is heard. On election day, we urge you to cast your vote and make a meaningful contribution to the direction of our country. You’ll need to show a photo ID when voting in person.

Your vote is a powerful tool to advocate for the issues that matter most to our community, such as social justice, inequality, healthcare, crime, housing, the decline in living standards and religious freedom. We also kindly request that you encourage your family members, friends, and neighbours to participate. By working together, we can amplify our collective voice and create a more inclusive, just, and prosperous society for all.

As a faith community, we have a responsibility to actively engage in the democratic process and work towards positive change. Let us seize this opportunity to be heard and to shape the future of our community.

To find out about all candidates standing in all Ealing constituencies, click here.

For further details on how and where to vote in Ealing click here.

The West London Islamic Centre does not endorse or promote any candidate or party.

Hustings in Ealing June 2024

Ealing Southall

Sunday 23rd June 2024 starting at 4pm until 6pm at Norwood Hall, Norwood Green, Southall, UB2 4LA

This hustings is organised jointly by four Southall organisations Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall, IWAGB, Sikh Welfare Team and Mael Gael. The event will be hosted by Bethan Walters, a senior policy officer at the Greater London Authority. All candidates have been invited.

Ealing North

Thursday 27th June 2024 starting at 7pm-9pm, St Barnabas Church, the Fairway, Northolt UB5 4SX

Ealing Central & Acton

Monday 24th June 2024 starting at 7pm, Acton Mosque, 2-5 Oldham Terrace, London W3 6LS

Wednesday 26th June 2024 starting at 7:30pm-9:30pm, St Mary’s Church Hall, Acton, W3 9NW.

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