Fundraise for WLIC

The magnificent fruits and rewards of this unique endeavour are exceptional, as the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) stated: ‘Whosoever builds a house (Masjid) for the pleasure of Allah, whether it be small or large, Allah builds for him a house in Paradise.’ [Tirmidhi]

The project cost of construction to deliver a fully functional facility is £8.3 million. The construction programme is set at 18 months, however, this is completely dependent on cash-flow.

£3M has been raised leaving a balance shortfall of £5.3 million. The centre has launched a £1000 Mussalah appeal, with 3000 spaces available, we also need the assistance of international donors, institutional bodies, Masjid and community organisations and support from amongst the business fraternity. This can be in the form of direct contributions, pledges or Qard-e-Hasana loans.

With your help and Du’as we will reach our goal. Here’s how you can help:

  • Share this campaign site with your friends and family using social media.
  • Present this appeal to your friends, family and work colleagues and request their assistance.
  • Organise a fundraising event or activity.
  • Canvass support within the business community.
  • Raise money via our Just Giving page, find out more here.
  • Join with family and make a lump sum donation with Gift Aid if applicable, by bank transfer, card payment by phone, or online.

For further advice on how you can help, please contact the WLIC Fundraising Manager Br Yasir Karim on

Gift Aid explanation and how it works

Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. It is a scheme introduced by HM Revenue & Customs, which allows us to reclaim the basic rate tax you pay as a UK taxpayer. Gift Aid is worth at least an extra 25p for every £1 you give. This is at absolutely no extra cost to you! Please remember that what you pay in income/capital gains tax, must at least equal the amount we will reclaim against your gift. Other taxes such as Council Tax and VAT do not qualify.

Fundraise for WLIC

Follow the simple steps on the link below to start your own campaign to support the Masjid.


Then, as to those who Believed and did righteous deeds, their Lord will admit them to His Mercy: That will be the achievement for all to see.[Surah Al-Jathiya:45-30]

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