Project Delivery

Too often community organisations have good intentions but are unable to deliver the physical aspects of a redevelopment project. It becomes mired with poor project delivery and controversy. WLIC is very aware of this aspect and has once again sought the advice and assistance of Henley Homes Plc. A respected property development and construction company.

Henley was responsible for the management of the planning application which resulted in achieving a successful planning approval, for what most considered an ambitious application. The consent was achieved on the first attempt with unanimous support from the local authority planning committee. Henley donated their time and their internal resources free of charge.

By agreement and in conjunction with the WLIC Board of Trustees, the redevelopment is being managed by Henley Construct, the construction arm of Henley Homes Plc. As before Henley are donating their time and expertise free of any charges. This includes the assistance from their architectural, project management and commercial teams. WLIC will also benefit from their considerable buying power, their plant and machinery are also being provided free of charge. As project managers, they will split the construction into individual packages of work which are then awarded to sub-contractors through a transparent and rigorous, tendering process. Using this method of procurement and the services that Henley are providing, effectively means there is no element of main contractor profit.

Redevelopment Committee


Tariq Usmani
Tariq is CEO of Henley Homes plc, an award-winning property development company in London. Tariq is a trustee of the West London Islamic Centre, a founding member of the Better Community Business Network, a professional networking and charitable forum and is chair of the Feltham Community Chaplaincy Trust, an organisation that works out of Feltham young offenders’ institution supporting ex-offenders.


Imran Hamid
Imran is a Project Director at MDUK Media, a marketing and communications agency based in West London, he holds a Masters in Management from Brunel University and is law graduate from the College of Law. A trustee at WLIC, he is chair of a youth development charity, the Hounslow African Asian Youth Association (HAAYA) and founder member at the Hounslow Muslim Centre.

Asif Nazir
With over 30 years of experience in the fashion and couture industry, Asif is a respected clothing manufacturer and large wholesale supplier in the heart of East London’s fashion district on Commercial Road. As a trustee, his affiliation and contributions to the Centre date back to when it was first established in the 1980’s.

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