Second WLIC Gaza Ambulance Handover

On Thursday 4th April, the 25th of Ramadan 2024, representatives of the Masjid paid an overnight visit to Cairo, Egypt for the official handover of the second UKIM West London Islamic Centre Ambulance for Gaza. Watch the video update here.

With your unwavering support and generosity, in just 2 weeks last November 2023, we were able to raise the funds for this new ambulance. The ambulance has been granted permission to enter Gaza on Mon 8th April as part of a larger UK Islamic Mission aid convoy worth over £160,000. So far since October last year, UKIM has spent over £500,000 in Gaza and our Masjid has raised an incredible £230,000 to date.

It’s been reported that over 100 ambulances have been destroyed in Gaza, that’s why this one is so important. Since it’s deployment in 2021 our first WLIC ambulance has saved lives and helped over 20,000 patients, many of them women and children.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who donated towards both these projects. May Allah (swt) accept this from us and reward you. We would also like to thank UKIM Relief which works in over 22 countries and provides humanitarian support to over 1.5 million people annually. To donate visit

Funds Raised for Second WLIC Gaza Ambulance

Update 30th Nov 2023: With your support the centre has now raised £70k for a second ambulance in Gaza. May Allah (swt) accept our efforts and alleviate the sufferring of our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

WLIC Gaza Ambulance Commissioned 2021

We are pleased to inform you, that the Gaza ambulance the community raised £45,000 for in just over two weeks earlier this year in May 2021, has now been delivered to Hayfa Charity Hospital in Gaza, Palestine. The hospital serves thousands of Palestinian brothers and sisters in the eastern districts of the Gaza Strip and the ambulance is expected to provide life-saving medical support to hundreds of patients every month.

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