WLIC Community Iftar 2023

The UKIM West London Islamic Centre was delighted to hosted hundreds of guests at an open community iftar event on the evening of Tuesday 11th April 2023. The Community Iftar initiative is an organisational effort which sees UKIM branches across the country hosting thousands of friends during Ramadan. The WLIC event included members of the local community, neighbours as well as senior civic representatives such as Ealing Council leader Peter Mason and the Borough Commander for West London, Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson.

Guests were provided a tour of the Centre and special presentations before joining the congregation in observing Maghrib (sunset) prayers, and then enjoying the evening meal together. The conversation and fellowship continued over drinks and desserts in the Centre reception. A number of guests stayed behind to listen to the recitation of the Qur’an during Taraweeh (Night) prayers.

As always, WLIC would like to thank all visitors for taking the time to attend and gracing us with their presence. And a special thanks to the efforts of all our wonderful volunteers, without whom this annual event could not be staged.

“The words ‘thank you so much’ cannot convey enough my gratitude for the most splendid evening at your beautiful Mosque. It was beyond blessed for me and everyone was so warm and welcoming, it was truly humbling. Thank you my friends and If I may say so, I am proud of your work in the heart of this beautiful community. I would like to return soon.” [WLIC Community Iftar Guest 2023]

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