WLIC: The Plan Ahead 2019

It has been a long and at times arduous journey, the community has shown tremendous resolve and patience, but we are pleased to announce that construction work commenced on the building of the new centre in August 2017 and we reoccupied part of the building within 8 months in May 2018. The first floor prayer halls were opened in Ramadan 2019.

As a community, over the course of nearly 10 years, we have raised circa £6.3million, Allahamdu’Lillah, we now need to raise the remaining £2.1million to complete the project in its entirety.

The WLIC redevelopment is being project managed free of charge, by the construction arm of Henley Homes plc, the company have been long-term supporters of the Masjid. Historically Henley managed the planning submission resulting in a first application consent for the new building, with unanimous support from the local authority planning committee. Further information on the company can be found at www.henley-homes.co.uk

This is an ambitious project and many of us will never have an opportunity such as this in our lifetimes. The opportunity to build a Masjid and take part in the construction of the House of Allah (swt), an institution which will serve the community eternally. For us it will become a Sadiqah Jariyah, Insha’Allah, benefitting us long after we have departed. A project with such consequence should be given the utmost focus and the respect it deserves.

There are numerous examples of Masjid construction projects, which lacked the requisite knowledge or experience required for successful delivery. These projects run for many years and during that period the community suffer great inconvenience, whilst the project stalls.

In order to learn from these mistakes, we approached Henley for their assistance. They have made it clear that they are unable to accept any payments for works they are able to undertake and as such they have willingly agreed to use their considerable knowledge and experience in construction project management, to ensure that the scheme is delivered effectively and efficiently and to an exceptional standard of quality. Their team will provide all project management services including, on-site project management, architectural expertise and the use of their quantity surveying team to procure the various sub-contractors and suppliers that are required on site. These services will be provided Fee Sabee’Liliah

May Allah (swt) accept their endeavours and reward them abundantly. This further helps remove contractor profit margins, as we have the benefit of their considerable purchasing power to carefully control costs and quality.

At the behest of Henley and for the sake of transparency, all finances are being audited on an ongoing monthly basis by an independent committee, made up of members from the community who have volunteered for this role. Their remit is not technical, but simply to oversee the expenditure of community funds, with freedom to report openly and honestly on the processes followed, to anyone that may enquire. There will be no access to the site whilst it is under construction for health and safety reasons.

The project is described as 3 phases, though the construction work will be delivered in one continuous phase, Insha’Allah.

Phase 1: This allows the occupation of the building at around month 9 of the construction programme, approximately late May 2018. Temporary facilities will be provided at ground floor level for both male and female visitors. These facilities will be able to accommodate around 600-700 people and Jummah prayers will reconvene on site.The cash-flow projects that the funds we currently have will be expended by December 2017, in order to conclude Phase 1 we needed to raise £3.7M. COMPLETE

Phase 2: This allows for the building to be fully constructed (excluding the residential top floor). The ground and first floors will be completely fitted out with only the upper floors remaining. The cost of this phase is £2.3M. FUNDS RAISED, NEARING COMPLETION OCTOBER 2019

Phase 3: This involves the fit out of the remaining floors, the cost of this phase is £2.19M. ALL FUNDS URGENTLY NEEDED

Please donate online, or get in touch if you can help by making a family pledge or Qarde-e-Hasana loan which will be registered and honoured Insha’Allah. Multiply your rewards and benefit from the House of Allah as long as it stands, Please contribute and sponsor a Mussalah for £1000, a beautiful form of Sadaqah Jariyah (Recurring Charity) iether on your behalf, on behalf of a family member or a deceased loved one. Please make reference to the name of the person for whom you are donating. From December 2017 you can also visit the WLIC mini bookshop on site to donate cash, discuss Qarde-E-Hasana or set-up a standing order, please don’t forget to sign your Gift Aid form.

We would like to thank our friends, neighbours, brothers and sisters, past and present (may Allah grant our deceased a place in Jannah) who have helped us reach this exciting juncture and we pray that Allah (swt) aids us in fulfilling our vision of building a Masjid and Centre that will serve our future generations and help reflect a world city such as London.

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